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Updated: Sep 4, 2021

When you are stuck in the past carrying events and situations that you experienced as negative, these are held as traumas and can remain unresolved. From this place, you then react to people, situations and your own thoughts from this limited perspective. You get triggered and read into what is being felt or said as an extension of the emotions and thoughts you felt in the past, they emerge and surface as negative emotions. What you are doing is viewing the situation from your own limited perspective and not how it is presented in the present moment.

Self-limiting beliefs and negative thinking are governed by past experiences and how they made you feel - they stay in-bedded in your subconscious creating negative emotions. They are usually negative beliefs which shape how we feel about certain situations. These feelings seep into your present reality when you hear certain words or feel criticised or attacked. You have a limited scope of vision in relation to what you experienced in your past and a certain level of trauma was created.

You interpret through your clouded vision of perception and view some situations as attacks, criticism and negative feedback. You are not listening to what is really being said - you are interpreting from your own place of understanding which is usually biased and negative. This creates a reaction that is not in line with what is being said or conveyed to you. You get triggered and misunderstand what you are hearing. A certain word, phrase or description transports you back to a mental place where this created feelings of hurt, confusion and trauma.

What can you do to help change your perspective, learn to release old habits and practice active listening from a place of inner peace?

Firstly, understand that you are doing your best within your level of consciousness and emotional state.

  • never criticise yourself for having these emotions - you were never taught to be compassionate and kind with yourself when you made mistakes and to be able to navigate your way through negative emotions.

  • understand and accept that the majority of us carry some level of self-limiting beliefs, this state of mind means that you are not acting from present moment awareness.

  • understand that past events do not determine who you are today.

  • you are unique and awesome in your own way no matter what happens inside or outside of your reality.

  • each day is the opportunity to start afresh within any area of your life, working towards a new mindset.

  • if you learn to release negative emotions from your past, you will not allow them to cloud your judgement and create biased reactions.

  • past experiences can help you to learn valuable lessons and practice living a better life if you don't dwell on the negatives.

  • negative experiences that leave remnants of difficult emotions should be understood exactly as that, a past experience that you can learn from and release.

  • practice forgiveness with yourself and others to release past negative experiences.

  • acknowledge that each person is acting from their own unique place of consciousness, their life experiences, learned behaviours and perceptions and try not to take things personally.

  • once you start healing you will stop reacting and you will respond to all interactions, this will bring inner peace and calm into your world.

Therefore, you need to practice living in the present moment and leaving any thoughts that pop up where they belong – in the past. It is a gradual process that is totally achievable, each time the thoughts come into your awareness you notice them without getting attached and let them go.

You then move back into our present reality and continue with your present moment awareness.

This will have to be practiced daily many times over until it becomes a good habit, unlike the bad habits you inherited.

If you need any help to achieve this mind-set, contact me for a free 30-minute session to explore how we can work together.

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